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Videos / Mathematics

What Tau Sounds Like
A skilled musician interprets the mathematical constant Tau to 126 decimal places, revealing the hidden beauty behind this symbol.

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Balls Rolling Uphill
Sugihara, a mathematical engineer at Meiji University in Japan, built a set of four ramps, arranged in a cross, on which wooden balls appear to roll uphill.

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High Definition 3D Fractal Animation
While you have likely seen the infinitely replicating patterns of a fractal before, you haven't seen a fractal until you've seen it in three dimensions.

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Beauty Of Mathematics
This fun video shows you a few examples of the fundamental symmetry of mathematics.

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Mathematical Art Of M.C. Escher
Maurits Cornelis Escher was a Dutch artist who was fascinated by the mathematical undertones to art. Much of his works were created using tessellation technique.

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Fibbonacci Sequence In Tool
My favourite band, Tool, has much much more to their music than you might think. They have designed one of their songs, Lateralus, to be parallel to the Fibbonacci Sequence, or otherwise known as the Golden Spiral.

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