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Our educational work is entirely supported by people like you. Your donations directly add new exhibits and new features to the website, and even helps us open the Prehistoria Natural History Center!

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About Us

What is the Educated Earth Network? was founded in September 29th 2006 by Ben Lovatt.

Our mission is simple - to help inspire the minds of our species as a whole. By compiling informative, yet entertaining, content, we render even the most abstract and difficult concepts into a format the general public can enjoy. Even those who have little interest in learning have a hard time resisting a glimpse at the creature that inspired the sea serpent or how a mining mistake drained an entire lake.

Though Educated Earth was initially a standalone video website, over the past 5 years the project has grown drastically. Now, featuring literally thousands of videos, images, links and articles, E Earth is one of the world's largest Educational Media websites. In fact, the Educated Earth Network now encompasses half a dozen websites, ranging in topics from Species Preservation to a publicity program for Humanitarian Groups.

We have been used as a point of reference for literally thousands of formal organizations around the world (a short list can be found here) and have been viewed by over 4 million people in 221 countries and territories around the globe.

We are always open to suggestions and volunteers, so if you would like to know more about (or to contribute to) the Educated Earth project, please email us at admin (@) .

"The Future Is Yours; Seize It." - Ben Lovatt