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Articles / Physics

CERN Scientists Map Cautious Plan For 2011
  • Currently 2.7553324968632/5 Stars.
Scientists at the CERN research center seeking answers to key mysteries of the cosmos said on Wednesday they would be moving ahead cautiously this year to avoid any possible breakdown in their giant LHC machine.
Quantum Scoop
  • Currently 2.7236111111111/5 Stars.
The Holy Grail of particle physics may already have been found.
Einstein Was Right: Space and Time Bend
  • Currently 2.760736196319/5 Stars.
Ninety years after he expounded his famous theory, a $700m Nasa probe has proved that the universe behaves as he said. Now the race is on to show that the other half of relativity also works
Photons Trapped For Record Time
  • Currently 2.7163120567376/5 Stars.
In 1927, Albert Einstein conceived of a box in which light was trapped and a single light particle, or photon, was released in a theoretical experiment to measure the relationship between mass and energy.
Have Researchers Found a New State of Matter?
  • Currently 2.8179453836151/5 Stars.
Scientists have discovered that the vacuum of space may be made up of electrons connected in a line or string. Also known as the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect.
Scientists Create Super-Heavy Element
  • Currently 2.6459459459459/5 Stars.
Revisiting one of physics' most embarrassing cases of scientific misconduct, researchers from Russia and the United States announced Monday that they have created a new super-heavy element, atomic number 118.
Physicists Develop Test for 'String Theory'
  • Currently 2.7576875768758/5 Stars.
For decades, scientists have taken issue with “string theory”—a theory of the universe which contends that the fundamental forces and matter of nature can be reduced to tiny one-dimensional filaments called strings—because it does not make predictions that can be tested.