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Articles / Technology

Amazon Pushes For Kindle Adaptation In U.S. Schools
  • Currently 2.52861685215/5 Stars.
Amazon introduces software that allows remote managing of Kindle tablets and e-readers.
Israeli Inventor Puts Together Fully Functioning Cardboard Bicycle
  • Currently 2.65869744435/5 Stars.
The greenest vehicle known to man goes even greener.
Smell-Sending Smartphone App
  • Currently 2.53454821564/5 Stars.
The rapidly growing smartphone technology officially conquers another sense.
US Drone Hijacked In Mid-Air By Students
  • Currently 2.70652173913/5 Stars.
A team of students have successfully hacked a surveillance drone mid-air on a dare from the Department of Homeland Security.
Chinese Company Building World's Tallest Structure In 3 Months
  • Currently 2.70261437908/5 Stars.
A new Shanghai skyscraper will be 10m taller than Dubai's Burj Khalifa and take only a fraction of the time to complete.
New Device Translates Sign Language Into Speech
  • Currently 2.81063553826/5 Stars.
University of Houston's MyVoice attempts to make sign language accessible to all.
Boeing's Hydrogen Powered Drone Makes First Flight
  • Currently 2.83185840708/5 Stars.
A surveillance drone that will eventually fly for four days at a time has managed to take off and land on its own.
Flying Drone Charges Devices Wirelessly
  • Currently 2.77843426883/5 Stars.
University of Nebraska's new charging drone is something that smartphone manufacturers and carriers, among a plethora of other organizations, should pay close attention to.
SpotterRF's Anti-Ambush Backpack Radar
  • Currently 2.86347724621/5 Stars.
SpotterRF comes out with a man-portable radar that can detect ambushes and save lives.
ZeroN - MIT's Revolutionary Computer Interface
  • Currently 2.76994219653/5 Stars.
MIT's ZeroN is a magnetically levitated metal ball that can be used as a 3D mouse, a 3D camera and more.