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Articles / Technology

EFF - Defending Your Tech Rights
  • Currently 2.7433774834437/5 Stars.
The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is a non-profit advocacy and legal organization based in the United States with the purpose of being dedicated to preserving free speech rights such as those protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution in the context of today's digital age.
70% Of Americans Don't Know Plastic Is Made With Oil
  • Currently 2.6880269814503/5 Stars.
According to a recent nationwide online survey, 72 percent of the American public does not know that conventional plastic is made from petroleum products, primarily oil.
Scientists Assemble Single Atoms Into Predefined Nanostructures
  • Currently 2.740157480315/5 Stars.
Scientists at the Paul Drude Institute for Solid State Electronics in Berlin, Germany, have assembled single atoms of different elements, thus forming nanostructures of predefined size and composition.
"Electronic paper" Edging Toward Reality
  • Currently 2.7736486486486/5 Stars.
"Electronic paper" has long been hyped as the future of newspapers and books, but products like e-books have been slow to take off. That may soon change, say executives involved in the pioneering technology.
"Synthetic Chlorophyll" Powers New, Cheaper Solar Cells
  • Currently 2.8073701842546/5 Stars.
Solar cell technology developed by the University’s Nanomaterials Research Centre will enable New Zealanders to generate electricity from sunlight at a 10th of the cost of current silicon-based photo-electric solar cells.
Bursting Magnets May Delay CERN Collider Project
  • Currently 2.7203539823009/5 Stars.
U.S.-supplied magnets have burst in the world's largest particle collider and experiments aimed at unlocking secrets of the universe may be delayed, scientists said on Thursday.
Automotive X-Prize Draft Rules Released
  • Currently 2.7958199356913/5 Stars.
Once Burt Rutan won the first X-Prize for successfully getting his SpaceShip 1 out the earth's atmosphere the X-Prize foundation turned their attention to a more earthly pursuit.
China Cyberspace, Outerspace War Worries US
  • Currently 2.8588850174216/5 Stars.
China's development of modern modes of warfare including military uses of outer space and cyberspace have yielded impressive gains that require U.S. vigilance, experts told a congressional panel on Thursday.
Island Powered Solely By Renewables
  • Currently 2.8267857142857/5 Stars.
Madrid's government announced Tuesday that El Hierro, one of the smallest of Spain's Canary Islands, is to receive 100 percent of its electricity supply from renewable energy sources.
Mercury In Energy-Saving Bulbs Worries Scientists
  • Currently 2.695/5 Stars.
There's an old joke about the number of people it takes to change a light bulb. But because the newer energy-efficient kinds contain tiny amounts of mercury, the hard part is getting rid of them when they burn out.