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Articles / Humanity

Photos Of Famous Scientists As Kids
  • Currently 2.7236111111111/5 Stars.
This is what the most famous scientists in history looked like as children.
3 Days After Fire, Shells Still Exploding at Russian Depot
  • Currently 2.8919949174079/5 Stars.
Shells were still exploding Saturday at a Russian munitions store three days after it caught fire, forcing the evacuation of thousands of residents and raising questions about the safety of Russia's weaponry stockpiles.
The Splash Of A Pebble
  • Currently 2.7202797202797/5 Stars.
"The Splash Of A Pebble" is a science fiction short story written by Ben Lovatt, the founder of EducatedEarth. It depicts the inner turmoil faced by many who find themselves fighting in wars abroad.
Al Qaeda Leader Osama Bin Laden Is Dead
  • Currently 2.7509433962264/5 Stars.
Osama bin Laden has been confirmed dead and his body has been recovered by U.S. authorities.
CIA Aiding Libyan Rebels
  • Currently 2.8109048723898/5 Stars.
The Central Intelligence Agency has inserted clandestine operatives into Libya to gather intelligence for military airstrikes and make contacts with rebels battling Col. Muammar el-Qaddafiís forces, according to American officials.
Gaddafi Forces Squeeze Rebel-Held Misrata
  • Currently 2.8733153638814/5 Stars.
Residents of the rebel-held Libyan city of Misrata said government shells and snipers killed nine people on Saturday and the hospital could not operate on the wounded because it had no anesthetic.
Libya Claims Compliance With Ceasefire
  • Currently 2.808066759388/5 Stars.
Libyan government forces have conducted no military operations since announcing a ceasefire earlier on Friday, a senior foreign ministry official said.
Egypt Dissolves Hated Internal Security Force
  • Currently 2.8978494623656/5 Stars.
Egypt on Tuesday dissolved an internal security and spying agency whose reputation for brutality helped ignite the uprising that swept Hosni Mubarak from power last month.
U.S. Detects Radiation 60 Miles From Stricken Plant
  • Currently 2.8290909090909/5 Stars.
As the scale of Japanís nuclear crisis begins to come to light, experts in Japan and the United States say the country is now facing a cascade of accumulating problems that suggest that radioactive releases of steam from the crippled plants could go on for weeks or even months.
Gaddafi Offensive Takes Oil Town
  • Currently 2.8560700876095/5 Stars.
Muammar Gaddafi's troops battled rebel fighters for control of the strategic Libyan oil town of Brega on Sunday, as France promised to push harder for a U.N.-backed no-fly zone over the country.