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Articles / Astronomy

'Deflector' Shields Could Protect Future Astronauts
  • Currently 2.8759571209801/5 Stars.
Magnetic "deflector shields" could one day guard astronauts against dangerous space radiation, if experiments now underway pay off.
Russia Eyes Industrial Development of Moon
  • Currently 2.839222614841/5 Stars.
Russia is working on a space transport system that could eventually lead to the industrialization of the moon, a space expert said.
Water Found in Extrasolar Planet's Atmosphere
  • Currently 2.8395638629283/5 Stars.
Astronomers have detected water in the atmosphere of a planet outside our solar system for the first time.
Space Junk Terrifies Jet
  • Currently 2.7929104477612/5 Stars.
Pieces of space junk from a Russian satellite coming out of orbit narrowly missed hitting a jetliner over the Pacific Ocean overnight.
'Cave entrances' Spotted on Mars
  • Currently 2.8770642201835/5 Stars.
Scientists studying pictures from Nasa's Odyssey spacecraft have spotted what they think may be seven caves on the surface of Mars.
A United Federation of er... Planet?
  • Currently 2.896013864818/5 Stars.
Fourteen space agencies around the world have agreed to coordinate their space exploration efforts, paving the way for truly planet-wide collaboration in space science.
Huge Seas Spotted On Saturn's Moon Titan
  • Currently 2.7855855855856/5 Stars.
NASA's Cassini spacecraft has found evidence of huge seas -- one of them bigger than any of North America's Great Lakes -- on Saturn's largest moon, scientists said on Tuesday.
Cassini Spacecraft Snaps New Views of Saturn
  • Currently 2.7299813780261/5 Stars.
NASA's Cassini spacecraft has snapped never-before-seen images of Saturn showing the planet from perspectives above and below its ring system, the national space agency said on Thursday.
Humans Biggest Risk Factor In Long-Term Space Missions
  • Currently 2.9023090586146/5 Stars.
What's the biggest hurdle to setting up a colony on the Moon or getting mankind to Mars and beyond? Aliens? Asteroids? Money? Try: humans themselves.
No Big Bang? A Viable Alternative Proposed
  • Currently 2.9088507265522/5 Stars.
A new cosmological model demonstrates the universe can endlessly expand and contract, providing a rival to Big Bang theories and solving a thorny modern physics problem, according to University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill physicists.