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Articles / Astronomy

NASA To Send Little Mars Rover Into Gaping Crater
  • Currently 2.8538324420677/5 Stars.
NASA will send its Mars rover Opportunity into a gaping Martian crater in July to seek clues about the planet's bygone environment despite risks to the plucky little vehicle, officials said on Thursday.
Mars Had Large Oceans
  • Currently 2.9087656529517/5 Stars.
The once-flat shorelines were disfigured by a massive toppling over of the planet, scientists announced today. The warping of the Martian rock has hidden clear evidence of the oceans, which in any case have been gone for at least 2 billion years.
Jets of Matter Clocked At Near-Light Speed
  • Currently 2.7512864493997/5 Stars.
The fastest flows of matter in the universe shoot out of dying stars at more than 99.999% the speed of light, new observations reveal.
Deep Hole Found on Mars
  • Currently 2.9244186046512/5 Stars.
A very dark spot on Mars could be an entrance to a deep hole or cavern, according to scientists studying imagery taken by NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.
Venting Our (Carbon Dioxide) Problems into Space
  • Currently 2.8090909090909/5 Stars.
Wong posits that a conveyor built in the Arctic could take advantage of the Earth's magnetic field to expel emissions into outer space.
Mysterious Radio Waves on Titan
  • Currently 2.9426086956522/5 Stars.
The Huygens Atmosphere Structure Instrument (HASI) scored a first in 2005 by measuring the electrical conductivity of Titanís atmosphere. The results hint at a new way to investigate the subsurface layers of Titan and could provide insight into whether or not Titan has a subsurface ocean.
Supermassive Black Holes Spin at the Limits of Relativity
  • Currently 2.7930434782609/5 Stars.
You know the saying: nothing, not even light can escape a black hole. That makes them invisible. Amazingly, researchers from the University of Maryland have determined how fast a supermassive black hole is spinning.
28 New Exoplanets Discovered
  • Currently 2.7563352826511/5 Stars.
Astronomers have discovered 28 new planets outside of our solar system, increasing to 236 the number of known exoplanets, revealing that planets can exist around a broad spectrum of stellar types-from tiny, dim stars to giants.
Roads To Moon, Mars Paved With Budget Woes
  • Currently 2.7162977867203/5 Stars.
NASA's road back to the moon and onward to Mars is not only technologically challenging but it may also be a proposition that could fall short due to lack of needed funding.
Milky Way and Andromeda To Merge In 2 Billion Years
  • Currently 2.8657587548638/5 Stars.
Global warming, the Iraq war, economic woes, fears of terrorism -- and now, just when it appeared things couldn't get any worse, astronomers predict the sun -- and Earth along with it -- will be hurled into deep space when our galaxy collides with a neighboring galaxy.