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Articles / Astronomy

Hawking: Space Colonization, The Key To Survival
  • Currently 2.853515625/5 Stars.
On a planet where the tremendous population growth and resource consumption will make it hard to avoid global disaster in the next hundred years, one of the most brilliant astrophysicists that ever lived puts his trust into space exploration
DARPA's Airborne Satellite Launchers
  • Currently 2.8152380952381/5 Stars.
DARPA is exploring the use of airplanes to launch satellites into orbit .
6 Meanest Scars Left on Earth By Asteroids
  • Currently 2.6618122977346/5 Stars.
We look at 6 of the nastiest hits Mother Earth took from asteroids.
Dark Energy Research Wins Nobel Physics Prize
  • Currently 2.8299319727891/5 Stars.
Brian Schmidt, Saul Perlmutter and Adam Riess win the Nobel Physics Prize for their research on the Dark Energy that makes up about 74% of the Universe.
NASA's 5 Worst Failures Of All Time
  • Currently 2.7673343605547/5 Stars.
Working for NASA does not make humans error-proof. Here are the top 5 examples of NASA screw-ups that have earned their places in the history books.
Soviet Union's Top 5 Space Missions
  • Currently 2.8767650834403/5 Stars.
The Soviet Union was a pioneer in space exploration during the Cold War. Here are some of its most proud accomplishments.
Top 5 NASA Space Missions Of All Time
  • Currently 2.6487839771102/5 Stars.
These are the top 5 accomplishments of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration to date. We cant wait to expand this list, so get to work NASA!
NASA Satellite Falls Back To Earth
  • Currently 2.7775919732441/5 Stars.
NASA expects its UARS (Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite) to fall back to Earth, with a 1-in-21 trillion chance of hitting someone.
Moon's Interior Contains As Much Water As Earth's Upper Mantle
  • Currently 2.8624813153961/5 Stars.
Parts of the moon's interior contains as much water as the upper mantle of the Earth - 100 times more of the precious liquid than measured before.
Laws of Physics May Vary Across The Universe
  • Currently 2.9541809851088/5 Stars.
A team of Australian and English astrophysicists may have radically transformed our understanding of the cosmos last week with a discovery suggesting that the laws of physics (as we know them) may not apply to the whole Universe!