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Articles / Astronomy

Can Satellites Provide Power To Earth From Space?
  • Currently 2.8490566037736/5 Stars.
NASA funds former employee's concept for satellites that would beam solar energy down to Earth.
Amazon Founder To Deep-Water Salvage Apollo 11 Engines
  • Currently 2.6986531986532/5 Stars.
Amazon founder and space nut Jeff Bezos wants the rocket engines of Apollo 11. All he has to do is pull them up from 14,000 feet below sea level!
NASA Launched 5-Rockets To Study High Altitude Winds
  • Currently 2.7043010752688/5 Stars.
NASA has launched 5 rockets within 80 seconds of each other to study the winds in the upper atmosphere.
Messenger Spacecraft Shares New Data on Mercury
  • Currently 2.8036303630363/5 Stars.
NASA's Messenger craft learns a few interesting things about Mercury - liquid core and more.
NASA Scientist Explains Away The 2012 Apocalypse
  • Currently 2.8918032786885/5 Stars.
NASA's Don Yeomans looks at all the claims about how the world is going to end this year and explains away all the fears.
Space Fence - Lockheed Martin's Orbital Debris Monitor
  • Currently 2.8376623376623/5 Stars.
Lockheed Martin's Space Fence is now tracking debris in Earth's orbit.
NASA To Launch 5 Rockets Simultaneously
  • Currently 2.7614035087719/5 Stars.
NASA will launch 5 rockets in rapid succession to test the winds in the ionosphere.
Mars Has More Inhabitable Space Than Earth?
  • Currently 2.8671096345515/5 Stars.
New research suggests a good portion of the Red Planet could be friendly towards human life.
Lost Satellite Briefly Contacted, Glimmer of Hope For Troubled Mission
  • Currently 2.7779850746269/5 Stars.
ESA has briefly established contact with a lost Mars-bound spacecraft, but the chances of saving the mission are still looking pretty dim .
Liquid Water Discovered On Jupiter's Moon
  • Currently 2.8296703296703/5 Stars.
Liquid water has been discovered by NASA on Europa, Jupiter's icy moon.