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Articles / Astronomy

Russian Cargo Shuttle Crashes After Launch
  • Currently 2.8428005284016/5 Stars.
Progress 44 ,an unmanned Russian cargo ship that was to carry supplies to the International Space Station crew, had an engine malfunction a few minutes after take-off and crashed back to Earth.
Near-Earth Asteroid Passes Over Atlantic Ocean
  • Currently 2.8920972644377/5 Stars.
An asteroid with an estimated girth as large as a garbage truck soared within 7,500 miles of the Earth on Monday as it passed harmlessly over the Atlantic Ocean, according to NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
Newest Mars Rover Begins Launch Preparations
  • Currently 2.8564516129032/5 Stars.
NASA's $2.5 billion Mars Science Laboratory, a nuclear-powered, car-sized rover designed to assess the planet's suitability for life, reached the Kennedy Space Center for launch preparations, officials said on Thursday.
Voyager - On The Edge Of Interstellar Space
  • Currently 2.808/5 Stars.
t has been 33 years since the launch of Voyager 1 yet this antique spacecraft is still leading the way of Humanity’s exploration of space.
Space Shuttle Launches Monday Morning
  • Currently 2.9051094890511/5 Stars.
Launch pad technicians began filling shuttle Endeavour's fuel tank on Monday for a launch attempt at 8:56 a.m. EDT on a mission to deliver a long-awaited physics experiment and spare parts to the International Space Station.
Shuttle Launch Delayed Again, Hopes For May 16
  • Currently 2.880496054115/5 Stars.
The U.S. space agency NASA on Friday delayed again, to no earlier than May 16, the date of shuttle Endeavour's launch for a servicing mission to the International Space Station, officials said.
50th Anniversary of Manned U.S. Space Flight
  • Currently 2.9631901840491/5 Stars.
The United States space program was down and out when Alan Shepard climbed inside a one-man capsule on May 5, 1961, for a 15-minute ride.
Hunt For Alien Life Crippled By Budget Cuts
  • Currently 2.7905073649755/5 Stars.
The search for intelligent life in the universe beyond planet Earth has been dealt a major blow by government spending cutbacks in the United States.
NASA Tests Mars Space Suit
  • Currently 2.9385826771654/5 Stars.
A NASA team has tested a space suit in a setting with extreme conditions akin to some of those found on Mars -- an Argentine base in Antarctica -- for possible use on a visit to the Red Planet.
Russia Seeking April Date For Delayed Space Launch
  • Currently 2.9345156889495/5 Stars.
Russian space officials hope to resolve a communications problem on a Soyuz TMA-21 rocket in time for it to carry a Russian-American crew to the International Space Station in early April.