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Videos / Tech & Gadgets

Makerbot - Next Generation 3D Printer
Bre Pettis, CEO of MakerBot, explains how his 3D printer works, and some potential applications for the device. Remarkably, he has previously constructed MakerBots printing key components for future bots.

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"Iron Man" On Tesla Coils
Black Sabbath's "Iron Man", played on a Tesla coil by Arcattack (

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Machine Drills Square Holes in Metal
This stunning innovation, created by a Japanese firm, allows users of their drill to create square holes in materials as strong as metal.

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NASA's Transonic Dynamics Tunnel
The Transonic Dynamics Tunnel, or TDT, has contributed to the safety and development of a variety of aerospace vehicles and structures.

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Dolphin Swims With Prosthetic Tail
Winter the dolphin had her tail amputated after being rescued from a tangle of crab-fishing gear. A maker of prosthetic limbs was so touched by the animal that he created a synthetic tail to allow her to swim.

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How A Ragtag Group Created Wikipedia
Jimmy Wales assembled "a ragtag band of volunteers," gave them tools for collaborating, and created Wikipedia, the self-organizing, self-correcting, never-finished encyclopedia of the future.

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