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Videos / Tech & Gadgets

Disappearing Car Door
Introducing the disappearing car door! DeLoreans, eat your heart out. Simple and a great solution for things like getting parked in!

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Space Elevators Explained
Ben Shelef and a quick explanation of what a space elevator is, how it works, and the basic concept of how to install one on the planet.

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Sand Flea: The Jumping Robot
Sand Flea is an 11-lb robot with one trick up its sleeve: Normally it drives like an RC car, but when it needs to it can jump 30 feet into the air.

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Amory Lovins - 50 Year Energy Plan
Amory Lovins is an energy theorist who has put a lot of thought into ways to increase energy efficiency and switch our society over onto alternative fuel sources. This video outlines his vision for the next 50 years of energy.

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Deathknell Of The Wheelchair
The Tek Robotic Mobilization Device is the newest development in platforms for disabled peoples. With a smaller footprint, balance and the ability to get into it from the front, it makes wheelchairs obsolete.

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Spinning Nanofibers
Each nanofiber is 50 times finer than a strand of spider silk. The nanofiber webs, or mats, can be combined with antibodies that will capture germs and bacteria.

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