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Videos / Life On Earth

Lion Keeper Gets Mobbed By Cubs
Too young to maul the poor zookeeper, it's pretty clear plan B is to kill him with sheer affection.

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The Octopus Makes His Escape
An octopus on a boat is allowed to escape, and does so through an incredibly small hole. Not even some of the fishermen believed he could do it!

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The Short Eared Fox
The short eared fox is one of the least understood mammals on Earth. How many of them are there? Where do they live and how? These are questions that still remain largely unanswered.

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The Sound Of A Sleeping Hummingbird
Have you ever wondered what a hummingbird sounds like when it snores? Well, now you can find out!

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Slow Loris Eating A Rice Ball
A cute video of a slow loris being fed a rice ball. She was born in captivity, and her name is Kinako.

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Polar Bears Don't Like Spy Cams
The polar bears of Svalbard cannot help their curiousity when they encounter some new technolgy - spy cameras! Narrated by David Tennant.

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