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Videos / Life On Earth

Nuclear Detonation Timeline 1945-1998
This video demonstrates just how many nuclear detonations have occurred since the end of World War II. To say the video is startling is a terrible understatement.

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How DNA Replicates
Knowing the structure of DNA, scientists speculated and then proved that DNA is the template for copying the genetic code. See how information in DNA is copied to make new DNA molecules.

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Making Easter Island Statues Walk
Researchers Terry Hunt and Carl Lipo test a new theory that suggests how ancient Easter Islanders may have used ropes to "walk" the moai to their platforms.

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Extreme Hail Storm
How big can hail get? This video, shot in Texas, shows chunks the size of tennis balls, and just how much damage such extreme weather can do.

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Birds-of-Paradise Project
The Cornell Lab of Ornithology and National Geographic are bringing the Birds-of-Paradise Project to the public. Tim Laman and Edwin Scholes document all 39 species of the bird-of-paradise.

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The Trilobite Beetle of Borneo
Though not actually related to trilobytes, this beetle (Found on Mt. Dulit in Borneo) has a dark, flat body that has earned them the nickname. Incredible... and somewhat horrifying.

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