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Videos / Life On Earth

The Escape Of The Honey Badger
The honey badger is a lot smarter than it looks! Watch as this pair repeatedly escape their enclosure, with an ingenious range of techniques.

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World's Largest Blue Whale Colony
Sri Lanka is home to the largest colony of blue whales in the world! This segment showcases the beauty of the whales and the resulting effects on research and tourism.

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Tortoises in Trouble
The Turtle Survival Alliance, in collaboration with The Orianne Society, cover the rapidly worsening crisis with Madagascar's Radiated Tortoise.

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Triumph Of The Herbivores
Stunning footage of herbivore mammals out-maneouvering their carnivore predators. Includes indredible shots of zebras, gazelles and buffalo being persued by cheetahs, lions and even baboons.

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Antarctica: Condition One Weather
Shot at McMurdo station in Antarctica, this is a short demonstration of Condition One weather, the most extreme on the three-condition scale. Condition Three is the best.

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TED Talks: The Genius Of Bonobos
Savage-Rumbaugh's work with bonobo apes forces the audience to rethink how much of what a species can do is determined by biology -- and how much by culture.

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