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Videos / Humanity

Indigenous Peoples Fishing With Kites
Fishermen on the South Pacific island of Santa Catalina practice an ingenious method of catching fish, using a kite and spider silk.

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Asch Conformity Experiments
This classical social psychology experiment, carried out by S. Asch, demonstrates the power of conformity with a group of test subjects.

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The Shock Doctrine
This brief film looks at the deliberate and manipulative connection between economic policy and the disorientation caused by psychological shock.

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Traffic Jam Simulation
To better understand why traffic jams occur scientists had several people drive along a circular track. The resulting patterns shed insight into the psychology of drivers and the causes of traffic congestion.

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Traditional Salt Harvests Of Ishikawa
This United Nations University film tells the story of Ishikawa, Japan, revealing their traditional method of exploiting the salt of the sea.

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Why The World Needs WikiLeaks
The controversial website WikiLeaks collects and posts highly classified documents and video. Founder Julian Assange talks to TED's Chris Anderson about how the site operates, what it has accomplished -- and what drives him.

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