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Videos / Humanity

Adventures In Thought
The Open University explains six famous thought experiments, giving some insight into the workings of the Human mind.

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First Gunshot Victim in the New World
Archaeologists in Peru have discovered the 500-year-old skeleton of a man who died from a gunshot wound. Experts believe he's the first shooting victim in the New World.

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Boeing 767 Lands Without Landing Gear
On November 1st 2011, 230 airline passengers found themselves in a terrifying spot - fuel was getting low, and the landing gear would not lower. With the honed skills of the crew, the plane landed straight on its belly, averting disaster.

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Experience Human Flight
Experience Human Flight is a collaboration between French jump champs the Soul Flyers and several top Australian skydivers put under their charge. At just under two minutes, this video lasts almost twice as long as a typical skydive free-fall.

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Gaddafi's Toxic Legacy
There is growing concern over the legacy that the era of Muammar Gaddafi, the deposed Libyan leader, is leaving behind, as tons of dangerous chemical waste has been found at sites around the country.

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An Atheist's Call To Arms
Richard Dawkins launches into a full-on appeal for atheists to make public their beliefs and to aggressively fight the incursion of religion into politics and education.

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