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Videos / Medicine and Biology

New Weapon In The Fight Against Mosquitos
A team of scientists at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee have discovered a chemical compound that is literally thousands of times more effective than any insect repellent available.

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Transgenic Cows Produce Human Milk
Chinese scientists have genetically modified cows to produce Human breast milk. They have now grown a herd of 300 cows. Risks are still unknown, and it will be years before the milk hits shelves.

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The Evolution of the Eye
Richard Dawkins narrates a piece on the evolution of the eye and refutes the creationist claim that the eye could not possibly have evolved in stages.

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X-Men: Can Science Make Them? Is It Ethical?
With the tremendous progress being made in genetics, is it possible to upgrade human abilities to the degree of the powers of the X-Men? Would it even be ethical to do so?

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Changing Face Illusion
When your eyes are following a moving object your brain focuses on those details and loses awareness of any changes in the surrounding. Follow the red dot with your eyes, you'll see.

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Genetic Modification In Humans - 3D Animation
This 3D animation shows how cells can mutate. Watch as chromosomes break into genes and those genes further unwind into DNA. It also shows how Nanobots may one day modify our genetic material.

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