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Videos / Physics & Chemistry

Hand vs. Liquid Nitrogen
The Leidenfrost effect is the formation of a gas barrier between a hot surface and a boiling liquid if the temperature difference is great enough. This could theoretically allow you to put your hand into a bucket of liquid nitrogen.

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Single Electrons on Video
Using pulses of high-intensity sound, two Brown University physicists have made a movie showing the motion of single electrons.

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Imploding A Train Tanker Car
This demonstration was set up to showcase the importance of venting a tank car before emptying it, but also sheds insight into the strength of air pressure.

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Binary Explosives
A video of the making of a small but powerful Binary Compound explosive. The power of this chemical reaction is demonstrated via the destruction of a watermelon.

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From Quarks To Molecules
This video takes you into the world of the very small, with a detailed breakdown of the subatomic to atomic world. It explains how quarks and other particles come together to form complex molecular structures.

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Graphene - Nobel Prize for Physics 2011
In this video Sixty Symbols discusses Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov's winning of the 2010 Nobel Prize in physics for their groundbreaking work on graphene.

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