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Videos / Physics & Chemistry

Alkali Metals And Their Properties
Alkali metals are soft metals which react fantastically with air and water. This video demonstrates how.

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The Tenth Dimension
Imagining the fourth dimension is hard but 6 more dimensions after that is mind boggling. This video attempts to create a clearer image of the highly abstract String Theory.

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The Story of Palladium
A short video on the history and discovery of the element Palladium.

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How To Stack Liquids
The liquids are able to be "stacked" due to their different densities. This little physics trick can be quite a bit of fun to play with.

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The Lightning Foundry
The Lightning Foundry is a project to re-create super-long discharge effects normally found only in lightning. Two 10-story Tesla Coil towers will fill an area the size of a football field with lightning-like discharges hundreds of feet in length.

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Balancing Nail Trick
The object of the challenge is to balance all of the nails on the head of a single nail. All of the nails have to be balanced at the same time and cannot touch anything but the top of the nail that is stuck in the base.

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