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Videos / Astronomy

Zooming From A NASA Satellite
This video, put to the song 'Breathe', zooms in on the World Trade Center in NYC (pre-9/11), Chicago, Hollywood, San Francisco, The Amazon, Seattle, and Washington DC using NASA footage.

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Killer Whales vs Sealions
Killer Whales hunt seal pups off the coast of Argentina. After they eat, they decide to play with the others by hurling them 40 feet through the air.

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Discovery and the Earth
A stunning video of the space shuttle Discovery orbiting planet Earth.

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Space Shuttle Atlantis Launch
On the 9th of September 2006 the Space Shuttle Atlantis launched on mission STS-115, an ISS Assembly Flight to install the 12A P3/P4 Truss Segment.

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Popping A Waterballoon in Space
Have you ever seen astronauts play with water balloons in space? Water behaves very strangely in microgravity.

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Life & Career Of Edwin Hubble
This is a 10 minute biography on the life and career of Edwin Hubble, one of history's most renowned astronomers.

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