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Earlier today, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea has made one of its first attempts to launch an object into space since the death of Kim Jong Il. What the DPRK says is just a harmless weather satellite is believed by many to be a front for a nuclear missile test, earning North Korea condemnation from many nations around the world, including Canada, the United States, Japan and of course South Korea.

The rocket that was to carry the "satellite" into orbit malfunctioned at the second phase of ignition and exploded into millions of pieces, which fell into the region shared by China, the Korean peninsula and the Yellow Sea. The Chinese and the South Koreans are currently scavenging for the pieces to see what their unpopular neighbor was really up to.

The international community has almost unanimously condemned this launch, which was labelled reckless, among other things. One of the biggest criticisms against North Korea was spending on nuclear missiles when so many people are starving.

By Denis Ivanov

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