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Postby jkazjing » Wed Jan 09, 2019 12:52 am

Tevida In the literature we find a lot of information about the interpretation of dreams and a point in which most authors agree is that you do not have to take dreams to the letter. "For example, if we dream of an ex-partner, it may be because we miss her, but also because what we miss is the freshness or impulsiveness of sex with that couple of youth, which is not always the same as the one that is have a stable partner years later. Likewise, unexpected people appear in our dreams,
Urogenx like people in our family, who do not imply a sexual attraction, but rather an unresolved conflict. There is no standard interpretation applicable to everyone, but depends on the person who dreams, their circumstances, what has happened to them that day, their relationship or their vision of that person, and their self-concept of themselves "Adds Carpallo. To confront a possible guilt,
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