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Castro: Sevilla will play in the Supercopa because we are ob

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Castro: Sevilla will play in the Supercopa because we are ob

Postby Sonsovan » Sat Jul 21, 2018 3:22 am


Sevilla remain upset over the decision to make the 2018 Supercopa de Espana a one-legged game, sbobet88888 even if club president Jose Castro has confirmed that Los Rojiblancos will take part.Normally a two-legged affair, this year's clash between Sevilla and Barcelona is set to be held on August 12 as a one-off game in Tangier. Spanish FA president Luis Rubiales and Castro met on Friday at a restaurant near Santa Justa train station in Seville and the club president spoke to SFC Radio afterwards."We spent a few minutes together to make the most of the fact he was in Seville," Castro said of the meeting with Rubiales."We communicated once again that we're not at all in agreement with the Spanish FA's decision and that we maintain our desire to play two legs on August 5 and August 12."Yet we're a professional club and we'll comply with what the Spanish FA tell us, sbobet88888 even if we're not in agreement with playing in Tangier."We will play the match because it's our duty and because we won the place on the pitch and because we have the chance to win a title."We repeat again that we don't agree with it."We'll play one match and we'll play it there, when it's confirmed, because the federation oblige us to."Castro also addressed Rubiales' claim that he has a good relationship with the Sevilla president, explaining that the relationship is understandably not at its best. sbobet88888
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