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99%+Purity Oxymetholone/ Anadrol powder with factory price

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99%+Purity Oxymetholone/ Anadrol powder with factory price

Postby goon2019 » Thu Jul 18, 2019 11:36 am

99%+Purity Oxymetholone/ Anadrol powder with factory price

Anadrol is a male steroid assimilated by Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) derived protein. It is clinically suitable for chronic consumptive diseases such as osteoporosis, senility, weakness, severe illness and post-operative emaciation, dysplasia, aplastic anemia, leukopenia, hyperlipidemia and malnutrition.Anadrol (Oxymetholon) Uses

It is well known for its remarkable growth effect, headache and severe hepatotoxicity.

Anadrol benefits:Anadrol is a very powerful steroid.

1. It can enhance protein synthesis rate, make cells produce more protein, more conducive to muscle growth.
2. It can significantly increase body weight, the water storage can be controlled.
3. It is not combined with androgen, which greatly strengthens the growth effect on circumference.
4. It can greatly increase strength and explosive power, and strengthen the ability of physical recovery.
5. It can increase the number of red blood cells, increase the oxygen content in the blood, thus improving muscle endurance.
6. It reduces the number of SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) and enlarges the effect of the whole Cycle.
7. It can stimulate appetite, increase appetite, increase food intake, and expand the growth effect on weight, circumference and strength.
Anadrol side effects:

Anadrol has a strong effect, but its side effects need more attention.

DHT derivatives do not aromatize or carry progesterone, but they tend to lead to feminization. It is still a mystery why they do so. Therefore, they can cause water storage, fat storage, edema, headache and even hypertension. We must do a good job of anti-feminization. Other effects can be eliminated and feminization is irreversible.
It may lead to masculinization, may appear oily skin, acne, hair increase, according to the different genes, some people may lead to hair loss, to keep the skin dry, more vitamins and water supplements.
It can reduce good cholesterol, increase bad cholesterol, may lead to abnormal cholesterol, dietary attention to limit saturated fat and monosaccharide intake and increase Omega fatty acid intake, increase aerobic.
It is a 17AA steroid, which is hepatotoxic. Its hepatotoxicity is very strong. It is necessary to use liver protection products to alleviate injury, while limiting the use cycle to prevent damage.
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