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Aloi Materials Handling & Automation and Automated Cell

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Aloi Materials Handling & Automation and Automated Cell

Postby goon2019 » Wed Jun 26, 2019 10:06 am

Aloi Materials Handling & Automation and Automated Cell

Aloi Materials Industrial Robotic Arm & Automation of Rochester, NY announced that is has acquired Automated Cells & Equipment (ACE) of Painted Post, NY and plans to integrate operations into a single company.

Both Aloi and ACE offer products and solutions targeted to meet the needs of customers in the materials handling sector, including automation, warehousing, controls, robotics, inspection, preventative maintenance, and consultative services.

The company will be led by Aloi President and CEO, Andrew Creathorn. Creator says that the move is an effort to provide customers with an even broader product portfolio and to deepen the expertise and integrated solutions capabilities that both companies can offer to their respective customers. “To say we are stronger together is indeed true, ACE is a highly respected company, and we believe that the results will be an enhanced product, service & solutions offering. Our goal is to grow the business by giving the customers of ACE and Aloi the benefit of our combined proficiency and our shared commitment to superior customer service. Customers are busy, we want to make their lives easier by providing innovative, custom solutions to address their needs”.

“Clients face complex operational and materials handling challenges that are rarely narrow in scope, there is usually a cross-over into other aspects of materials handling. By working together and leveraging the combined company’s portfolio we will help customers by minimizing their need to work with multiple partners”, said Jim Morris, President of ACE.

“Our materials handling expertise combined with ACE’s advanced knowledge in robotic solutions is a win for our employees and clients alike and given thatACE shares our commitment to service, integrity and customized solutions, we anticipate a smooth transition”, said Creathorn.

“Although we work with machines, this is still a people business. We respect the Aloi team; this wouldn’t have been possible unless we felt that this change would benefit our current and future customers," said Morris.
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