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High pure d-aspartic acid calcium chelate/n-methyl-d-aspart

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High pure d-aspartic acid calcium chelate/n-methyl-d-aspart

Postby goon2019 » Fri Sep 27, 2019 1:00 pm

High pure d-aspartic acid calcium chelate/n-methyl-d-aspartic acid

In medicine, L- Aspartic acid can be used to treat heart disease, liver disease, hypertension, with preventing and restoring fatigue. With a variety of amino acids, amino acid infusion, used for ammonia antidote, liver function promoter, fatigue recovery agent.N-Methyl-D-Aspartic Acid powder
In the food industry, L- Aspartic acid is a good nutritional supplement, adding in all kinds of cool and refreshing drinks.It is also sweet flavours (aspartame) - the amino acid phenylalanine methyl ester of the main raw material.
In the chemical industry, L- Aspartic acid serve as raw materials for the manufacture of synthetic resin. It is also used as nutritional additives in cosmetics.
Applications 1. D-aspartic acid is widely used on medicine, food and chemical industry.
2. D-aspartic acid can be used on the treatment of heart disease, liver disease and hypertension.It has the function of preventing and recorving fatigue. It can be made of amino acid infusion to do as ammonia antidote, liver function promoter and fatigue recovery agent.
3. D-aspartic acid can be used on tech industry. It is a good nutrition supplements that can be added in soft drinks. It is also the raw material of radix asparagi acyl methyl phenylalanine which is we know as Aspartame.
4. D-aspartic acid can be used on chemical industry. It is the raw material of synthetic resin.
5. D-aspartic acid can also be used as nutritive additive on cosmetics.
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