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how to use scala for Apache Spark

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how to use scala for Apache Spark

Postby JenniferJBradley » Sun Jun 18, 2017 4:34 am

Health and Well-Being is Both a State of Mind and a Choice.

We are living in a most exciting time in Earth's History.
It is a pivotal time, one of tremendous potential for us both as individuals and as collective members of our HUman society. It is also a time for us to step up and assume the role as mentors and caretakers of an Evolving Conscious Species.

A prerequisite awareness and understanding of your own biology and its dynamic interconnected relationship to all things Is responsible action.

It is the time to learn the instruction set, your instruction set, so that you will become informed, inspired and empowered to create your reality, your health and your well being as you choose and thus create a New Paradigm for Living and Being.

It is our discovery, personal journey, and the creative experience both individually and collectively, as expressed and directed Consciously, that will determine the 'New Paradigm of Being' and the "New Sustainable Human".

Understanding the mechanics of who you are and what you are made of will allow you to make conscious, intelligent and directive choices about your own Health and Well-Being.

'Who you are and What you are' is an: Infinite, Intelligent, Multi- sensory Multi-Dimensional Being, Interactive, and Resonant with all things.

You were created with the basic same "blueprint" as all of creation that is infinite, self sustaining, self directed, self correcting and self aware.

In other words... Sustainable...

Energy and Form:
All of existence is Energy, which manifest in infinite forms and which has inherent electromagnetic and vibrational properties. You are part of existence... thus you are an energy form and posses the same properties..how to use scala for Apache Spark
Energy can never destroyed, it is transmuted or transformed and therefore infinite...

You are an infinite energy in a physical form...

Yes, You are all that... and possess, innately, Infinite potentiality... as a creative director of your own Health and Well-being and your Experience.

Energy and Thought:
It is the concept of Thought, translated as an energy form, and its effect, and influence on our cellular and genetic make up, which are becoming more defined and acceptable as points of reference within the scientific community. Our understanding of these influences at a biochemical and structural level continue to evolve exponentially. But where is that Thought or Mind energy generated? How do we harness that energy in its purest form to effectively and to consciously direct and influence our own Bio-System and how can we develop an understanding of how to interact with conscious intent these unseen influences?

To develop an understanding of this process at first glance, it is best described simplistically and allegorically:

We can say that the Human Bio-System was created to be the ultimate and perfected operational creative machine. It was designed to function with flawless precision, perfection and accuracy. When fed information, the command center would input, process, and alter a myriad of interconnected systems, spontaneously and autonomously based on its original perfected command programmed information.

Thus, the ultimate and perfect operational Creative machine: self contained and self directed. Our data input, however, mostly derived from our External Environment, is a constant barrage of data input: Unfiltered, Uncensored and Unconscious.

Simply, all data is accepted and its systems' response is executed. With no viral protection installed, the computer accepts all programs and input information.

This Uncensored, Unfiltered, Unconscious information (or input) is plagued with computer viruses and inconsistent programs. If these entries are uncensored they are allowed to replicate and act on the original programs and thus create a damaging effect on the system, cells and its operations creating (misalignments) or dis-ease.

This concept of self- regulation is supported by many current scientifically accepted models of 'Epigenetic Studies'.

"Our thoughts, a form of data input, control our genes, not the other way around".

As these new concepts in Medicine continue to emerge and shift our understanding of the Mechanics of the Human Biology System and its infinite interplay with its unseen environment, we are recognizing the importance of evolving our traditional understanding, and training to accommodate these new concepts and understandings into a New Experiential Paradigm of learning and practice.

In the series, "The Sustainable Human "we will explore and learn to consciously experience how as Human beings and intelligent life, we are informed where or how we are vibrating through our Emotional Guidance System. It is this sensitive Human GPS that detects Human emotions as vibratory frequencies. It is these emotions, which are representative of energy translated as feelings, that are somatic manifestations of acquired beliefs, and patterns that should be used to guide us back into alignment.

We will address the mechanics of how to recognize, correct and restore these misalignments by organically raising our Frequency, which is achieved spontaneously by alignment of our energy field specifically and with directed focus and intent to Source frequency. Source frequency, is defined as Pure Consciousness, the inherent, primordial frequency that permeates though all of creation in this Universe. We will discuss how it is by access to this pure consciousness that we begin to reprogram our Biological System so that we can decide, influence and command our health and well being, beyond the self-limiting constructs and beliefs we have acquired as individual and collective members of this reality.
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