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It is highly recommended to give your dog int

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It is highly recommended to give your dog int

Postby zhangsan520 » Fri Feb 15, 2019 8:41 pm

The ideal diet for your dog is a natural dietmeat, bones, offal (organs) , plus a small amount of vegetables and supplements.
Meat with bones meet the majority of energy needs required by your dog, in other words, waterl] , proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins and enzymes and antioxidants. 60% of the canine diet should consist of meat and bon and this, in the proportions of 50:50, in weight.
Offal (organs) are a precious source of nutrients that contain waterproteins, essential fatty acids, minerals , vitamins and enzymes. About 10% of the canine diet should contain offal.
Vegetables mimic the content of plant material found in the digestive system of small prey. Vegetables offer an excellent source of fibre that aid digestion and prevent constipation. The dog’s digestive system does not produce the enzymes needed to break down plant cells; therefore we must reduce their solid compound and puree them for the animal to benefit from the nutrients they contain. There is very little vegetable matter in the diet of wild dogs, so for our domestic dogs, about 15% of the diet should consist of vegetables , preferably the kind leafy and green, and 5% may consist of fruit.
The intestinal flora is restored by adding dairy products that enhance the level of good bacteria (probiotics) by focusing on the intestinal wall and resisting the harmful bacteria. About 10% of the diet may contain dairy products.
Supplements help to supplement the natural nutrients of the diet and compensate for the reduced availability of food (caused by factory farming), reduces the rate of minerals in the soil (in which certain foods were grown) and environmental toxins.
It is highly recommended to give your dog intact bones and larger meat cuts to exercise its jaw muscles to clean its teeth. It is also important to offer a wide variety of food that stimulates interest prevents fixation and promotes good long term diet.
The ingredients remain the same but the amount and frequency change when fed raw, during the different stages of life of the dog. This means that a dog can eat between 5% and 10% of its weight while the adult dog can eat 2 to 5 percent of its weight, depending on activity level.
Did you know that pet obesity is a problem? That’s right; one out of every 3 pets is obese in North America! Like with human beings , dogs that have a weight problem can have problems like high blood pressure, diabetes and arthritis. One way to see if your pet is a little on the heavy side is to pass your hands on its sides. If you cannot feel its ribs, then it may be time to change your pet’s eating and exercise habits.
Make sure you provide your pet with a balanced lifestyle. The dog’s diet is important but with the diet you must ensure your pet gets adequate exerciseplaytime and attention. Finally if you care about your dog, make sure you put a pet id tag on it in the event that it escapes. This is important for the safety of your neighbourhood and the safety of your dog.
At the http://www.TheTagStudio we care about the health and safety of your pets. So please be careful what you feed your pets and don’t forget to get your dog tag or cat tag just in case!
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