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A Guide to Tanning Booth Lamps

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A Guide to Tanning Booth Lamps

Postby dillijack » Fri Feb 15, 2019 5:13 am

There are practical remedies of urticaria that you can apply at home while waiting to see your doctor is cold compress, calamine lotion or even a combination of baking soda and warm water. Localized form can be treated at home, but it is crucial that a patient suffering from generalized or recurrent and refractory form should be seen by a specialist for better management.

One of the most important elements of the tanning booth or used tanning bed performance is the type of lamps it uses. What really makes the difference in your bronzing results is selecting the right brand or combination of several lamp types for the appropriate unit. If you are considering purchasing a home tanning system, beware than you will get what you pay for as price often dictates performance, especially when it comes to the lamps.

Many times a lamp that is designed for use in a horizontal unit is often incorrectly used in a vertical unit. When horizontal bulbs or lamps are placed in a vertical position, the majority of the power is lost due to lamp temperature. Instead, look for a lamp or brand that is specifically designed only for vertical systems which will produce far better results.

The UV rays emitted from the regular bulbs in a new or used tanning bed emits light in all different directions. This creates an uneven tan, longer treatment times, and generally overall poor results.Reflective bulbs eliminate this problem. They have a reflective coating right inside the lamp that helps to focus all the rays forward, directly toward the skin. You body receives up to 50% more rays that produces that a deeper golden color with shorter sessions.

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