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There are a lot of live

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There are a lot of live

Postby ylq » Wed Feb 13, 2019 9:22 pm

The cleaner is a very humble job for some people and a very low-level job. In fact, they are wrong. The cleaner is a job that has contributed a lot to society.three or four in the morning, we are still in a sweet dreamland. But who would have thought of the cleaners? At this time, the cleaners are still sweeping the streets for us to work hard, so that the pedestrians can walk comfortably. day, the cock crows in the!", the cleaners are tired and sweaty, and they are exhausted. However, they still insist on challenging the stinky garbage and let us have a comfortable environment. Not surrounded by garbage. three-two sedan drove fast on the road and set off a dust. If the person next to it saw it, he would definitely walk away, but the cleaner had a sacred mission. He walked to the middle of the road without hesitation, cleaning the car. The dust left behind. The flying dust is nothing, the most hateful is the white garbage thrown from the car. When the wind blows, it flutters with the wind, it is difficult to sweep, and now more and more cars, the cleaners must pay attention to safety. In order to avoid accidentally being hit by a car.er school today, I saw them again. They dumped the garbage bins next to the school, divided them into two categories, put the useless things in the car, put the useful things in the big bags, and then tried to move forward. Push it away. Suddenly, he was sweaty, he counted the money in his pocket, as if he was going to buy a bottle of water, but in the end, I saw him put the money back in his pocket and continued to move forward, as if reluctant to buy Look like that.! The great laborer - the cleaner, your job is inconspicuous, but at the same time it helps so much to the society, the road is so clean, you are indispensable, it is worthy of "the city's beautician", you are dirty yourself. The spirit of cleaning the city deserves our stue granddaughter read a good book, the grandmother fainted when the sun was rubbing in the sun. The passer-by called the school in Lanxun. The class teacher received the phone call. The second person did not say that he rushed to the scene and sent the old man to the hospital for hospitalization. Bluushed to the hospital after class, once again surprised, the class teacher's every move in the eyes, this time she did not restrain herself, let the tears flow unscrupulously.order to repay the care of the class teacher, and let her grandmother enjoy her old age, she began to make up her mind to study hard. Because of the poor foundation of the high school, no matter how hard the results are still not ideal, this makes Blue Lanx anxious, and the class teacher lends a helping hand. Using the holiday time to help the blue results rose from the countdown to 30, from 20 to 10 Newport Cigarette For Sale, excellent results make the blue completely I realized that in the past few years, I have been looking down on myself,Lan did not let the head teacher's care, grandmother's love to pay for it, admitted to the university, the day she received the notice, she and her grandmother came to the head teacher's home, kneeling on the ground and crying: "Without you, impossible With me today, you saved me, made me awake, lost my mother's love from an early age, you let me know what is called maternal love, thank you, can I call you a "mother"? Speaking of here, the class teacher and grandmother also The tears flowed, and the grandmother quickly said: "Stupid child, you don't know? The money you paid for school is paid by her. I was sick when she was hospitalized. She was taken care of. On your birthday, she bought the cake... she Just like a mother has been caring for you!"
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