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Father - a silent and powerfu

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Father - a silent and powerfu

Postby ylq » Wed Feb 13, 2019 9:19 pm

There are a lot of live treasures in our class, and I often laugh at the students and add a lot of fun to the campus life. Here are a few representative figures for everyone to know.ervatory of Music. The name is temporarily confidential. This person is a bit "fancy". In the classroom, I see a girl walking through the window. I always come up with a sentence: "Hey, girl!" to tease the girls in the class, which caused the girls to be angry. However, the person is still not bad. In a class, the teacher criticized a classmate. The gentleman said with a gorgeous statement: "All sins are borne by me." The whole class laughed and the teacher laughed and leaned forward. The anger is gone. Treasure No. 2: Male, also an art student, and the specifics are unknown. This man��s deeds are not as prominent as the number one Wholesale Carton Cigarettes. His mantra is: ��Forgive him for being a child.�� For example, in today��s chemistry class, a classmate wrote the wrong chemical equation. The gentleman said: ��Forgive him for being just a Child.�� The teacher also smiled: ��It��s almost an adult, how can I be a child?��e Treasure No. 3: Male, non-artistic student. Because of its love of magic, people call it "magic brother", and because they often wear baseball caps, also known as "hat brother." Zeng Yan will surpass Liu Qian in the future and become the king of magic. However, it has rarely been seen that he has become a magician recently. He wants to come because he will be tested soon, and he has no intention of taking care of him. three living treasures not only joked when they were in class, but also dared to take the teacher to open a "squat" during class. The most classic example, a language class, the old class gave us a lecture. The old class is from Hubei. The word "can" always reads the sound of "edge", so the live treasure imitates the tone of the old class and comes up with a sentence: "How can it be arrogant (can)?" The whole class burst into laughter, and the old class laughed. "Intimidation" said: "I will let you answer questions when I study again." The whole class laughed.her section of the language class, the old class speaks the classical Chinese, when talking about the word "father", he said that this is the ancient respect for the beautiful man. After class, live treasure No. 1 came behind the old class: "Wufu goodbye." The whole class laughed, it is estimated that the old class also laughed.
the three living treasures, the No. 1 deeds are the most prominent. If you want to know them, welcome to our 273 classes to ensure that you laugh and break your belly.
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