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Fibromyalgia Pain

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Fibromyalgia Pain

Postby isbellaisla » Fri Jan 18, 2019 4:44 am

Sound familiar? Are you one who enjoys getting in a rut and staying there? Just get up and do the same thing everyday. Don't ever take a side road just to see what's up there or a different street home just for some other scenery. Just keep it the same and no surprises, that way I know what to expect. I tend to fit that mold.You are probably doing the same thing for your knee pain and continuing to have the same pain and getting worse. Yet, you just keep taking the same pills or doing the same exercises thinking that someday it will surely get better. Wrong! If it hasn't worked by now it probably isn't going to.Are you ready to see some better results with your knee pain? If so, you need to start thinking about healing instead of just masking the pain. Well, "they", told me this would work and it costs a lot of money so I thought it would heal me. Did it? Time to start thinking outside of the box, even if that just isn't you. Unless you enjoy hurting everyday and have decided to live with it.Your body is a miracle and if you give it the right fuel it will do miraculous things.So why not start out thinking about what you eat and drink. Knock off the sodas number one. Many believe that soda causes calcium to build up in your joints and calcium is not a good cushion! Just good old water is the best. Not only does it not cause bad things to happen it flushes your system and over a period of time you should begin to notice an improvement in how you feel. You will probably lose some weight and that is good for bad knees.

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