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upcountry Kenya by fe

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upcountry Kenya by fe

Postby tujue » Fri Jan 18, 2019 3:41 am

rebbca luis
Submitted 2018-05-26 11:51:32 That's a myth because anyone can develop a clear Josh Bailey Jersey , smooth and radiant complexion by following a few simple rules added to their beauty routine.

Better skin means that cosmetics will glide on easier and appear more luminous. That is why a lot of makeup artists recommend getting your face "in shape" before a huge day or event like your wedding.

Makeup artist weddings have become a modern trend that ensures a pampered, gorgeous face for the bride without the stress that tying the knot can involve.


Getting rid of dead, old skin cells that have accumulated is a key step to lovelier skin. This action stimulates the skin deep below the top layer to create more collagen for thicker, healthier skin that attracts moisture.

Exfoliation can be done manually with a facial brush or facial sponge, and there are plenty of cleansers containing exfoliating formulas. Some of these include tiny microbeads that scrub away your skin's impurities and rev the circulation.

There are also deep exfoliators like chemical peels and facials. When performed at a spa or dermatologist's office, these exfoliating products and techniques can successfully target acne scarring, wrinkles and significant sun damage.


Applying the proper topical skin care products can make a major difference in dramatically improving your complexion. You don't want to irritate the skin with a powerful formula, so skin care experts always advise proceeding slowly to give your face and neck time to respond and get used to a new routine.

If you're planning a walk down the aisle, give your complexion a few months for your topical treatments to begin showing results. A professional makeup artist would recommend not beginning a new skin care routine days before the nuptials. Your face could become inflamed, break out over the stress of the wedding, etc.

Retinol and Retin-A are the gold standards for clear, healthy, youthful skin. They are both vitamin A derivatives, but Retin-A is a stronger form and obtained only through a prescription. Retinol is sold over-the-counter and is also considered effective.

Both Retin-A and retinol are great at exfoliating deep within the pores, reducing wrinkles, evening skin tone and enhancing collagen production. They are best used at nighttime.

Vitamin C

Most professionals at makeup artist weddings are also beauty proponents of vitamin C for the face and neck. This lightweight antioxidant cream or serum is excellent for daytime wear and protection, and makeup can be worn on top of Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is a win-win because makeup artists know that it delivers exceptional skin brightening, tightening, smoothness and natural moisture for the complexion. The powerful antioxidant is gentle and tolerable for all skin types.

Dermatologists advise never using Vitamin C within a few hours of retinol or acids like salicylic and glycolic acid. Mixing the formulas can cause redness, burning and stinging.

Exfoliation, retinol and vitamin C are the triple combination that produces a gorgeous, healthy complexion for all women at any age.
NAIROBI, Feb. 24 (Xinhua) -- A TV blackout in Kenya occasioned by a standoff between four broadcasters and the government over digital migration has not stopped Kenyans from acquiring set-top- boxes.

East African nation residents, both in rural and urban areas, are buying the gadgets in droves as they seek to migrate to digital broadcasting.

The blackout has entered the second week with both the four TV stations and the regulator, Communication Authority of Kenya, failing to cede ground.

Kenyans have, therefore, been left in an information blackout, with majority complaining that they are missing their favourite local programmes and newscasts.

However, awareness about the digital migration is high, the reason why many are going for the set-top boxes despite the TV blackout.

A survey by research firm Ipsos-Synovate released last week indicated that four out of 10 Kenyans who own TV sets have bought set-top boxes.

It further noted that 60 percent of those who have not acquired the gadgets plan to buy.

Those in rural areas seeking to buy, particularly free-to-air digital set-top boxes, are acquiring them through their friends and kin in the capital Nairobi.

""It is important I have the gadget whether there is a TV blackout or not. I know that the TV stations would be switched on at one time, thus, they should not come back before I have the gadget,"" secondary school teacher Boniface Anjeche, who resides in Kakamega, said on phone on Monday.

The teacher was eagerly waiting for his brother in Nairobi to buy him a free-to-air set-top box after he sent him money.

""I sent him money on Saturday evening and he promised to buy and send the gadget via the courier services,"" he said.

In the town, as in others across Kenya, most of the set-top boxes readily available are those of pay TV firms StarTimes and GOtv.

The two have dropped prices significantly, selling pay TV set- top boxes at an average price of 19 U.S. dollars with monthly subscription going down to a low of 0.05 dollars per day for some banquets.

Their free-to-air decoders are going for between 38 dollars and 55 dollars.
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