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Ouch! What the Heck is Wrong With My Heel?

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Ouch! What the Heck is Wrong With My Heel?

Postby isbellaisla » Fri Jan 18, 2019 12:26 am

There are pharmaceutical drugs available to help ease chronic pain from Fibromyalgia but wouldn't you rather try an alternative form of treatment that doesn't have the potential side effects caused by medication? Magnetic Therapy for Fibromyalgia is a safe form of alternative therapy that can help you ease chronic pain.Magnet Therapy is becoming increasingly more popular throughout the US, especially after a number of clinical studies. One such study using Magnetic Therapy for Fybromyalgia took place in Virginia.During a large clinical trial, where a group of patients with Fibromyalgia were instructed to sleep on Magnet Therapy pads for a duration of time, the result was a much lower level of chronic pain versus hardly any change for the patients who did not use the alternative treatment of Magnet Therapy. I'd say it's worth looking into.How Magnetic Therapy Can Help You:Using magnets to help ease pain is non-invasive. Naturally, your body produces a movement of ions throughout the body that causes a electromagnetic field. Individuals who have pain from Fibromyalgia may be dealing with an out of balance electromagnetic field.Applying therapeutic grade magnets to painful areas cause the capillary walls surrounding your muscles and connective tissues to relax. The result is and increased in the blood flow to the area, putting your body's electromagnetic field back on track by restoring your normal ion concentration levels. The result is reduced pain and swelling.

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