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Sevilla: Offered 1m euros and 6,000 tickets to decide Superc

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Sevilla: Offered 1m euros and 6,000 tickets to decide Superc

Postby Sonsovan » Mon Jul 09, 2018 1:13 am


The controversy surrounding the date and format of the Supercopa de Espana continues to rumble on, sbobet thai and there are plans afoot for Luis Rubiales and Javier Tebas to offer both clubs one million euros and 6,000 extra tickets to decide the row.Barcelona have accepted these conditions, although the Andalusian club are uneasy with the new developments because they had previously included the match in their season ticket programme. LaLiga and the Spanish Football Federation have agreed that as a one-off, the match should be a stand-alone fixture played in Morocco on August 12.As a result of the aforementioned season ticket issue, sbobet thai Los Rojiblancos have until this point insisted that the two-legged format be kept in place, something that Barcelona maintain they can't fit into their crowded calendar.A meeting will take place on Monday morning at Las Rozas in which it's hoped an agreement could be found, especially with important figures from all parties set to be present. Another factor to take into account is the request of the Players' Union that the match not be played in extreme temperatures in Morocco.This is a major problem in Tangier with the city showing an average temperature of 22 degrees at the time of the game in recent days. sbobet thai
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