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Trine gamepad controllers configuration tips/troubleshooting

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Trine gamepad controllers configuration tips/troubleshooting

Postby kevinmanuel » Wed Apr 04, 2018 5:14 am


Here's some information regarding gamepad controllers. This thread will be updated frequently to accommodate the latest patches and other new tips. The most common problem is about the Axes, that's the last page in the setup. You need to set these correctly. Also, do not bind movement controls and the axes to the same thumbstick. Movement is one of the thumbsticks, and the Axes is the other (for the cursor).
All pads should work, except those that get their axes assigned as "sliders" by Windows. Some gamepads may also have something like "analog" mode or "digital" mode, so you should see if those buttons do anything for you. If you are having problems, please tell us the following information:
- What is the problem in as much detail as possible
- What gamepad are you using; how many buttons does it have and how many thumbsticks
- What version of the game you have (Steam, GamesPlanet, retail [please specify country], etc)
- What operating system you have (XP, Vista 32-bit, Vista 64-bit, Windows 7, etc)
We'll hopefully be able to solve most problems. A new patch is coming soon for all versions of the game and it will fix many problems. ETA is Tuesday.

for more details:
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