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Why a Logo Design Company is better than a freelancer?

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Why a Logo Design Company is better than a freelancer?

Postby CarlJones » Fri Jun 09, 2017 4:47 am

Hello everyone, I am a logo designer and have been working in various domains of graphic design industry for past seven years. I have joined this community to help you explain the basic topic on which most of the businesses fail to opt correctly. Yes, I am talking about the subject of this topic for why a logo design company is better to hire than a freelancer online? Let me first connect you to an assumed scenario where you are the prospect and let’s say you want to sell any product that is not making good through the local market. What will be your next step? Off course you will go for the option of branding to promote your brand in the digital targeted zone as everyone now uses their laptop, PC or phones to purchase and communicate. So moving on towards the freelance designer, do you really think a freelance designer who is the one and only to offer logo design services can afford or manage to fulfill your requirements within a limited budget and short timeframe? Well maybe but the general response to this question is NO.

However, on the contrary, if we consider a professional logo design company for this task I am sure you will be getting more than expected as these agencies have the best designers in town who have years of experience and are full of creativity. Moreover, these graphic agencies can complete branding solutions for your business or service based business including the extra coverage like websites, mobile applications, etc. In fact, if you just order a custom logo from their website, you will be getting 24/7 customer support, unlimited revisions, and much more. So what do you think is the better option to choose? Thinks twice and act wisely.
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Re: Why a Logo Design Company is better than a freelancer?

Postby mieshatate » Fri Jun 16, 2017 6:49 am

I am an instructional exercise toughed logo designer.It may sound amateur however my logos are spotless and proficient. I just dont know where to make a decent start.There are many locales with logo challenges and do my assignment for me australia.I additionally heard the most productive path is to open your own particular site.
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Re: Why a Logo Design Company is better than a freelancer?

Postby sarahemi » Wed Aug 30, 2017 4:22 am

I do agree with your post and its matter regarding the importance of a logo design service in regards to a freelance service. Mostly, a freelancer is not capable enough of giving a great concept or innovation in a logo because he is on the basis of his own or individual. Whereas the designing agency has more than one designers, animators, illustrators and branding specialists also that all together make up some brilliant designs that are unique, idea generating and industry related as well.
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