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The actions and reactions that compose our Universe.

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Postby bears123 » Thu Jan 10, 2019 2:21 am

His first appointment was a meeting at Olympic Park with Temer, who assumed Brazil's top office last month after the suspension of Dilma Rousseff pending an impeachment trial over accusations she broke budget rules.

""Today was our first personal meeting. I was happy to see that some of the actions that we discussed (by telephone) a couple of weeks ago have already been undertaken,"" Bach told reporters.

""I'm very happy about his unconditional commitment to the success of this Olympic Games. The president agreed that we are sitting in one boat and that we have to work together to make the Games a success. That was the mutual commitment that was reflected in the meeting.""

The impeachment trial can last up to six months but there have been reports that a final senate vote on whether to oust Rousseff might be held in August.

Bach did not express concern that the impeachment process could be decided during the August 5-21 Games.

""This is a procedure of democracy in Brazil and the IOC will not enter into domestic politics,"" he said.

""We worked very well with the government with President Dilma Rousseff and we are working in the same way with the government of Michel Temer. The Olympic Games are not about politics. It's not about dividing people. It is about unifying people, unifying Brazilians to be great hosts.""

Bach did not say whether Rousseff would attend the opening ceremony, saying it was not the IOC's duty to issue invitations.

In addition to political instability, Brazil's Olympic preparations have been beset by a tanking economy, pollution, construction delays and concerns about the Zika virus.

Bach predicted the most testing period for organizers was yet to come.

""The last days and weeks before the Olympics start are always the most difficult ones in the preparations because there are all sorts of details,"" he said. ""But after this meeting (with Temer) today I'm even more confident that it will be a great Olympic Games,"" he added. Enditem


So we are off to the previous form of cookware Black Mark Andrews Jersey , the stainless steel! Greasing and flouring a pan can be a messy organization, but with silicone bakeware solutions all you have to do is twist and your baked items will only slide proper out of the pan all in a person piece.

Silicone bakeware also enables the warmth to be evenly dispersed in the pan. Have you ever baked anything in your metal pans and had 1 portion of the item burned to a crisp and uncooked in other elements of the item. Well, this cannot transpire with silicone bakeware simply because the temperature is evenly dispersed via the pan so every location of your food merchandise gets the correct identical volume of heat.
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