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Hospitalists Out-Earn Rheum, Endo and ID?

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Hospitalists Out-Earn Rheum, Endo and ID?

Postby breckjensen » Mon Dec 18, 2017 3:27 am

Hi there,

According to medscape, the average IM hosptialist makes 252K annually while rheum makes 235K, ID makes 228K and endo makes 220k annually. Even allergy only makes 5k more than hospitalists. On top of that, hospitalists require 2 years less training, resulting in around a 400k pay bump relative to these IM subspecialties. So does it always make more financial sense to do hospital medicine rather than subspecialize in these fields? Is the hosptialist salary premium relative to these fields sustainable? Why are rheum and endo fairly competitive even though they decrease earning potential?

Thank you

For more details :

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