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Genetic Engineering and DNA

Topics from health and fitness to genetic engineering.

Genetic Engineering and DNA

Postby crowek1234 » Thu Jun 21, 2018 6:27 am


I do have a project idea in mind and have researched some projects with similarities there are just some bugs I would like to work out before I begin my project. I searched through the Science Buddies project ideas and found "Investigate Native Plant Evolution with Chloroplast Sequencing" and "A Sweet Sequence: The Cacao Genome" which come close to what I am thinking of. They put in part the genetic engineering that I want to incorporate into my project. In a way I want to take these projects farther. To my understanding in "Investigate Native Plant Evolution with Chloroplast Sequencing" a student extracts DNA from a native plant to understand its PCR product DNA sequence to then create a cladogram. The extracting of DNA and sequencing the plants PCR product DNA is what interest me in this project. Then the project "A Sweet Sequence: The Cacao Genome" a student uses the genetically engineered gene Matina 1–6 to research if the gene is resistant to potentially harmful pathogens to the cacao.

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Thank you.
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