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What career suits me I love research writing reading?

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What career suits me I love research writing reading?

Postby katewillson » Thu Apr 20, 2017 11:00 am

I just finished my high school with flying colors and now I am looking for graduate school to prepare myself to enter into professional life and earn a living from it later. I am a very lively and creative person and love reading about abstract concepts of philosophy, psychology and sociology. I have so much in me and love people around me. I have a habit of finding good even in those people who are tagged as ‘bad people’ by the society. I want to do something for the well-being of people around me. Whenever I am bored, the first thing in my mind is to read about other religions. It gives me pleasure and peace of mind. I have read Bible and holy books from other languages too like Koran, Hebrew and Torah. Being a very extrovert personality, I have taken parts in many debate competition held in my school and won prizes every time. Hosting has always been my job at every school event. Whenever our school was going to organize sports day, every teacher and students considered me to be the host. Once there was a research writing competition in my school where we were supposed to write a 50,000 words essay on “girl by jamaica kincaid essay” I topped the competition with the title of “best researcher of 2014” I knew that every person in curious about at least one thing in life, but in my case, there are so many things.I enjoy everything reading about metaphysics, religion, psychology, spirituality and journalism as well. I don’t exactly know what I am most passionate about?
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Re: What career suits me I love research writing reading?

Postby Ellie009 » Tue Apr 25, 2017 2:44 am

I think you would know a considerable measure about things around the globe so to profit you could compose books and for an occupation you could accomplish something like a Do My Assignment, or land a position at those spots that offer carrier tickets to places far and wide.
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