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astronomy for dummies??

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astronomy for dummies??

Postby Donnieclark » Thu Dec 07, 2017 5:48 am


Is there a website, book or anything else you guys can recommend that has basic dates/times of the best viewing for planets and various other objects of interest? I have done a search but the info I find you almost have to have a PHD to understand I guess sort of a "astronomy for dummies" I took my telescope out on a week end camping trip with my sons boyscout troop and it was a big hit. it seems I may be teaching the troop in order to help them get their astronomy badge!

the sad part is that the scout master told me that an astronomy club in mississippi a year or 2 before had brought out several big scopes like 16" reflectors and others to a big camp out and all they could see was fuzzy spots for planets. they had never seen things like I showed them. and here I am complaining likely it was humidity fogging their lenses or something and they figured "hey it just a bunch of scouts" a shame though because I could see a few of the scouts really getting excited about what I showed them! some of these could become future astronomers

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